RAL# 7039
Where our frames our made

Pergine Valsugana, Italy.
When we started DeAnima it was immediately clear that what ever we made had to be produced by us, fruits of our ideas, a reflection of what we believe in. When we talk about produced by us we mean made with our hands by one of us, not designed by us and made in a far away land. To get to the frames we have today has taken many years and multiple designs. Its not been easy, we studied and designed, its not just all about manufacturing processes, its also about applying knowledge to new materials with new possibilities. Its also been about keeping traditional Italian skills alive which have in the last 2 decades been largely forgotten.

How our frames are made

Made from carbon fibre fabric and joined using wrapped carbon joints. The use of carbon fibre is not something you learn overnight, we started using carbon fibre at the beginning of 2000 when carbon fibre made its entry into the world of cycling. Everything is born with the design of the tubes and the construction of the moulds. Very important is how the layers of carbon fibre are laid up in the moulds, the layup has a big effect on the rigidity of the structure. The production of a frame starts by mitering the tubes to the required design, inserting them into the frame jig and bonding the joints. Once the frame has been been cooked in the oven the frame is removed from the jig and the joints are then wrapped with carbon fabric impregnated with resin (prepeg). The frame is then bagged, the air removed, and put in the oven to be cooked. Once removed from the oven we then lightly sandpaper the wrapped joints and a coat of resin is applied. The frame is then sandpapered all over, checked for alignment and finishing before being painted.

TIG Steel.
This is where it all started for us - tubes of steel and TIG welding. Its a simple and pure form of building a frame. When we decided that we would like to make a steel frame we knew one thing that we did not want to do was what everyone else was doing – taking one of the very few steel tubesets still available and making a frame - that did not appeal – we did not see the point of making a frame and ignoring the advancements that had come about since we had last worked with steel. We decided that if we were to do a steel frame then we needed to get back in touch with the people that we used to work with – the Locatelli brothers who own Dedacciai. So one grey misty winter morning we headed down to flat lands east of Milan and stood in a semi silent factory and explained to 'Ingegnere' what we had in mind – we explained and he listened - he immediately disappeared into a store room and came back with some raw tubes and started putting dyes on to hydraulic rams and forming what we had in mind. This is how our first steel frame, the DeFer, was born.

Paint Finish

Paint is something that everyone takes for granted, in reality its actually one of the hardest things to achieve, getting paint with a perfect finish. Its a process that has many stages and requires drying time in the oven between coats of paint, the whole process can take up to 2 days. All the frames are spray painted by hand, we do not use any type of transfers, stickers or electro static finishing. The frames are first sanded down to the raw frame material and then a base primer is applied. Then we move on to the various colours of the graphics, applying various stencils, we finish by applying a clear gloss or matt coat. Naturally between each coat we have to wait for the paint to dry either by air or oven. The frame graphic designs are applied using stencils that are cut in vinyl using a plotter from vector files, the stencil is then applied to the frame, paint is then sprayed onto the stencil and then removed leaving the desired design. For each colour there is a stencil, meaning that more complicated the design more stencils are required. It is a very slow way of spaying frames and can take many hours to complete just one frame. But we think that the results speak for themselves.
Paint Designs available here
Paint Chart available here


In these days of ever increasing use of computers and sensors to gather information on frame performance we also enjoy actually getting out riding our bikes - throw it down a steep descent, run it through some scary corners and climb some of the big mountains around us. These tests tell us that we have an excellent handling bike that you can ride all day and handles with a good balanced manor. Sometimes too much is not efficient, we think its time to got back to having a bike that you can ride, that is not so ultra stiff that its hard to corner or beats you up over long distances.


When you buy a DeAnima frame we are making it for you and with you in mind.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is generally 8 to 10 weeks for order confirmation.